John Read: Who is Right About the Causes of Psychosis, Psychiatrists or Their Patients?

Foredrag afholdt 20/10-2015 – ved professor og klinisk psykolog John Read.

Who is Right About the Causes of Psychosis… Psychiatrists or Their Patients? Professor and clinical psychologist John Read is speaking here at Copenhagen University about trauma, psychosis and the medicalisation of distress.

The Forum of Existential Psychology and Therapy and the Danish Voice Hearers Network invited John Read to speak and debate about the connection between psychosis and trauma. John is a professor at Swinburne University in Australia and the editor of the magazine Psychosis: Psychological, Social & Integrative Approaches.

From a therapeutical point of view, Professor Read emphasises the risks of the assumptions of genetic predispositions and chemical imbalances as the true causes of psychosis. Instead, he clinically focuses on what ails individuals, arguing for the need to listen constructively to just what has happened to people.

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