Trond F. Aarre: Context matters – towards a reframing of psychiatry

Foredrag afholdt 8/10-2018 – ved psykiater Trond F. Aarre.

It is a strange fact that context is not considered to be of interest in diagnosing mental disorders. Ignoring context may make sense within a biomedical framework, but sensible and sensitive mental health care must address the lives people are living, along with their past. Little is lost in abandoning the biomedical search for specificity in treatment. Much is gained if we are not only informed of the context of mental problems, but intervene to change our patients’ circumstances – and not just their symptoms. This makes for an exciting future for our field, where many perspectives on mental health and unhealth will be welcome.

Trond er psykiater, afdelingschef ved Nordfjord psykiatrisenter i Norge og forfatter til bøgerne ”En mindre medisinsk psykiatri” (2018) samt ”Manifest for psykisk helsevern” (2010).

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